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Seminar on entrepreneurial skills

As part of the international cooperation program DEVEN3C “Entrepreneurial Skills Development in the Moroccan University: Creativity, Knowledge and Culture” co-financed by the European Union, a seminar was organized under the theme: “Entrepreneurial Skills” on March, 1st, 2015 at the Faculty of Law and Economics in Meknes.

The seminar was led by Professor Timothy Coole, Teacher researcher at the University of Bucks England. During his interventions, Pr. Coole illustrated the importance of intra-university cooperation, especially with the incubated start-ups within the university. Afterwards, he focused on the importance of acquiring an entrepreneurial culture, which is an important condition for the development of entrepreneurial skills at university. Finally, he presented a number of success stories where the University of Bucks has contributed to the development of start-ups within which it has enabled the start-uppers to design their business concept in the best conditions.

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