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Erasmus Mundus ALFIHRI

Second CALL FOR APPLICATIONS under EMA2 Lot 1 Fatima Al Fihri project

The second call for applications will be opened ONLY for:

• UNDERGRADUATE mobilities (Target Group 1 and 3)

• ADMINISTRATIVE and ACADEMIC STAFF mobilities (All Target groups) 

Both types of mobilities(Undergraduate and Staff) will be opened for North african and European applicants.

This second call for applications will be launched from October 29th midnight (CET) 2013 to January 15th 2014 midnight (CET)Both dates included in the application period.



Please visit:

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE (Target Group 1 and 3 Undergraduate mobilities and all Target groups for  administrative and academic staff) 





Please visit:


Important note: During the pre-selection process, it will be encouraged those applications of candidates (undergraduates and administrative/academic staff) from North Africa partner universities who had sent lower number of candidates than other partner universities in the first cohort of mobilities.


The Consortium has reached the maximum number of mobilities for MASTER, DOCTORATE and POST-DOCTORATE types of mobilities, but due to the current Egyptian political situation, maybe there are late rejections from the already selected grantees of the first cohort of mobilities not covered with the reserve list candidates; if this is the case, in advance of the open day for applications, the potential candidates will be informed through this website section:, facebook page: and twitter page:

A new post will be published for your information in the call for applications start date, October 29th 2013.